KISAN is a youth initiated private company running Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP) in Nepal. We have adopted Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to set-up and grow agro business in rural Nepal.

More than 90% rural population are still dependent on agriculture sector for their livelihood. However, the agriculture could not provide enough livelihood to the farmers therefore they resorted to foreign employment in gulf countries.

Government has launched so many program to promote agriculture sector in Nepal. Most of program failed to achieve their goal due to low literacy rate in farmers. However, farmers have ability to replicate the successful technique in agriculture sector.

So, KISAN has adopted Public Private Partnership model to work directly with local farmers to switch them from traditional to modern agriculture practices.

KISAN is providing complete agro value chain solution in agriculture sector including irrigation technology, agro advisory, marketing and branding.

KISAN Agribusiness Incubator Program aims “To GROW Agro Industry in Rural Nepal”.

Our Objectives

KISAN Agro is working to empower rural farmers via. Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP). Following are major objectives:

  • Help to adopt modern agri practices to new & existing agro entrepreneurs
  • Environment and Health friendly agriculture activities
  • Empowering rural farmers via. Agriculture Commercialization
  • Launching Agri Value Chain based pilot projects to engage local community
  • To engage Women and Returnee Migrant Workers
  • Help to adopt local farmers to work in TEAM
  • Provide agro advisory services
  • Research and Development work

KISAN Agro Executive Team

Er. Arvind Sah

Managing Director

Amjad Ali

Community Mobilizer

Shyam Kishor Prasad

Co-ordinator, KISAN Village Network

Tulsi Pd. Chaudhary

Agri Expert
KISAN is helping to empower local farmers via Agribusiness Incubator Program in Nepal.
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