KISAN Agro is working to promote Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP) in Nepal and helping to grow agro industry in rural Nepal.

Nearly 90% of rural population depends upon agriculture for their livelihood. Most of the farmers are illiterate and do not have capabilities to invest to adopt modern technologies in agriculture.

Farmers are following traditional approach and fighting to survive. The frustration with agro production and no market is now forcing youth free village due to high migrant workers.

KISAN has started to work as “Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP)” in Public Private Partnership model. We are working together with farmers to work in team, setting up basic infrastructure to adopt modern practices in agriculture business, agriculture support services, market linkage and revenue sharing model.

This is the best suit model to empower local farmers to adopt modern agriculture practices and help them to be new Agro Startup for that area. This concept not only help to associated farmers but all other nearby farmers and villages to adopt the technologies to commercialization of agriculture.

Healthy and high yields with low operating cost and less manpower work help farmers to start their business independently. Our target is to help farmers to take at least 15 times more benefit in a year than their traditional practices.

Solar Pumping, Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Vegetable Nursery for Seedling, Ventilated Polyhouse, Nethouse etc are the main technologies we are helping local farmers to adopt to minimize the risk of climate change.

We are working in this concept to develop one hi-tech model agriculture farm within radius of 2KM and in association with local farmers, co-operatives, business houses in support of government and donor agencies for initial setup and market linkage.

Help us for one Hi-Tech Agro Farm Setup and Empower more than 20,000 farmers
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